Game 2: Tigers 3, Cardinals 1

One of the great things about really brutal conditions at a World Series is that you never will forget it if you were there. Ask any White Sox fan who watched Game 2 of the last World Series in Chicago, when Scott Podsednik hit the walk-off homer that literally brought more rain on a blustery night. Ask any Red Sox fan who toughed out the opener of the 2004 Fall Classic. Ask any Tiger fan who watched Kenny Rogers deal against St. Louis to even up the 2006 World Series at a game apiece.

As predicted, the rains finally let up for gametime Sunday night and then it was just a matter of dealing with some serious wind chill. But this is the Upper Midwest. It’s going to be time to shovel some snow here soon. More than 50,000 Tiger fans at Comerica Park dressed in layers, snagged a bunch of those giveaway blankets at the credit card-signup kiosk, and mostly ignored the elements because of one theme that I heard over and over:

"Any night the Tigers are winning a World Series game is a good night. Who cares about the weather? We’ve waited long enough for this."

And that was from a Tigers fan from Johnson City, Tenn. Philip Poremsky was here with his wife Diane (both pictured here), and they were huddled together in the standing area behind the lower-level seats on the third-base side when I met them in the eighth inning. There would be plenty of time to thaw out. They saw Detroit play a World Series game.

"On our way to the park, we thought it was going to rain, and that was our biggest fear," Diane said. "We all have airline tickets to leave town in the morning, and we didn’t want to have to deal with changing those. Everything has worked out."

That was the recurrent theme with each Tiger fan you talked to here. Many, many years from now, they will remember that they were here for the first World Series victory by a Tigers team since the 1984 clincher. They will remember the wind chill. They will remember chanting "KEN-NY! KEN-NY! all night and watching C-Mo’s long ball. And maybe they will see them again next weekend.

Back to St. Louis, where Busch Stadium weather will be nicer on Tuesday and the color of the day will be lots of red. Incredible amounts of red. And this guy whose picture I took outside of Comerica before Game 1 will not seem quite so out of place.



    The only reason it was brought up is because both fox announcers are rooting for the cardinals to win.One is an ex cardinal, and the other was raised a cardinal fan.It was a non issue and they harped on it the rest of the game. get over it


    I have lived in St. Louis for the last 20 years. This town will never be recognized by other cities as a major player in sports until they quit whining. Rogers had something on his hand for 2 innings. His pitching decimated the Cards hitters for another 7. How do you explain that, DEADBIRD fans?Larussa did the right thing, told them to make the guy wash his hands off, and let it go. He knew that if Rodgers continued to kick our azzes that it would look bad. St. Louis, Grow Up.


    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I agree; that was some of the worst announcing I have heard/seen in a FOX TV broadcast in Sunday’s game. They were obsessed over simple dirt, and when the Tigers did score, they seemed upset. It’s okay to hire announcers who used to be on major league teams or were life-long fans; that gives the broadcast credibility. But when the show starts to look like the local broadcast for the opposing team, something needs addressing.

    I really miss the good-ole days of George Kell and Al Kaline when even when the team was losing, they would give favorible reporting to both teams.

    I am certainly not blaming the Cards for anything. They are also a great team and deserve to be in the World Series. This is a great matchup! But for my bias – go Tigers! 🙂

    Great blog, btw! I love all the pics.

    – Tim

    (Tigers #1 fan in Hawaii!)

  4. Tiffany

    I couldn’t disagree more with some of the previous posters. If you didn’t know that some of those announcers grew up rooting for the Cardinals, you would have no idea. If anything, they shift their conversation so far the other way to make up for previous loyalties. Have you guys watched the other postseason games? The same is not true for the media out of New York analyzing the games or guys announcing their games. It’s clear from everything they’ve said they wanted the Mets to win and that they thought the other teams didn’t have a chance.

    Also, I don’t hear a lot of people complaining about the smudge. They just want the issue resolved. You certainly can’t say it’s a non-issue. He had a smudge on his hand. I stood up for Rogers at first, saying his stuff was good enough to dominate a team without the aid of any kind of foregin substance.

    But once he came out with “it was just dirt,” it made me doubt him. Dirt’s not yellow-ish orange.

    It’s the Tiger fans that need to change their thought process. If someone is cheating, you can’t be surprised when people aren’t happy. Nevertheless, I am the first to admit that Rogers is awesome this postseason regardless and I know I’m not the only one.



    In the last series they showed dirt on rogers hand,the announcers did not bring it up because it was a non issue.Buck and Mccarver are pulling for the cardinals that’s why it was even shown over and over again.Rogers pitched better after the 1st inning so it didn’t make a difference.


    Very nice Blog and gorgeous photos. Thanks.

    BTW, McCarver, on top of being an insufferable homer, is also a lousy commentator.

    FOX shold be embarassed to have him in their employ. Did you notice how he criticized the excellent catch by Granderson? Said something about getting a bad jump and implied he was lucky to get there. I think he has been watching too many “Jim Northrup triples over Curt Flood” replays.

    As far the “pine tar”–McCarver–there is most certainly a bridge in St. Louis, my advice is to “get over it”.

    Another really ridiculous thing issued out of his mouth the other night was something about Casey not being a good fielding first baseman and that the Guillen is better there. Guillen has been just fine and will do well wherever he plays but Casey is actually a vey gifted glove man at 1B. He does not have the range of Guillen but he great instincts and can dig a medium hop errant throw out of the dirt with the best of them.

    If McCarver is on the post season FOX team next year (and I bet he won’t be) I won’t turn the volume up or maybe even watch the game at all.

    The cards are a great team, great fans, great history. Too bad the have “grate” McCarver too.

  7. Tiffany

    If someone is possibly cheating in the game, it’s an issue. End of story. To say otherwise would be tragic for baseball and the fans.

    Does this mean Rogers isn’t an excellent pitcher? Of course not. He pitched well regardless.

    But the fact remains. It IS an issue.



    Dirt spot pine tar, whatever, if I was a cardnials fan I’d want to have the smugde put back on. Rogers piched 7 awesome innings without it. Done deal! Play ball! When are people going to realize that the Tigers have been an unbelievable team this year and have every right to be in the World Series, without being picked apart by Fox announcers that have a very biased view. GO TIGERS!!

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