Game 4: Cardinals 5, Tigers 4

And they did…


The Cardinals are one victory away from ending their longest drought of world championships. It’s not like Red Sox or White Sox drought-busting stuff, but it’s been long enough in the eyes of many fans here in St. Louis. The last title was 1982. The amazing thing is that this Cardinal team won 83 games in the regular season, so if the Cardinals win one game in their remaining three chances at this World Series, it would be the fewest regular season wins by a world champion in Major League Baseball history.

It also could be the first time since the 1923 Yankees that a team won it all in the year it christened a new ballpark. This is a Powervid capturing the scene at new Busch Stadium immediately after the final out of Thursday night’s dramatic 5-4 comeback victory over the Tigers:

All eyes will now return to the weather maps. As of this writing, a ghostly fog of mist is shrouding Busch, and it will be followed by steady rain throughout the day. Earlier forecasts called for this band of showers to move into Illinois at around 4 or 5 p.m. ET, but keep an eye on throughout the day for updates and we’ll see if this one gets in as scheduled. Just think of those fans who have been holding tickets here this week. Those with Wednesday tickets were rained out and told to use them today (Friday) for Game 5, expecting to see a clincher. That is what people who had the original tickets for Thursday’s expected Game 5 were planning to see, a clincher, but instead they saw Game 4. So now those people who were rained out on Wednesday could be rained out for a second time, and then they would have tickets to a possible Saturday clincher. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds, but hopefully there will be ball on Friday night.

Who’s your World Series MVP so far?

One comment

  1. Jay


    Right now, I’d have to say Rolen. You can’t argue with a .438 series batting average. He’s turning on the inside pitches a lot better and maybe that’s because his shoulder is improving. He has a 9-game hitting streak since Game 2 of the LCS, I believe. If the Cards win this, it would be sweet redemption for Rolen after the 2004 WS.

    However as it’s been stated a million times, the two times these teams have met in the WS, the Game 4 winner has lost. We’ll see if that stat becomes relevent.

    Great job with postseason blog.


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