New Ballpark, Another World Series


"Go Crazy, folks, go crazy." Those were the immortal words of the late Jack Buck in a different Busch Stadium in a different time, but the World Series is back in a brand-new ballpark for the first time and the feeling is the same. That photo illustrates the remarkably beautiful sight lines of new Busch, and also the color of the day. It’s also a lot warmer than it was for Game 2 in Detroit.

My colleague Ben Platt of took the following shot of Cards fans entering what they describe locally as "Baseball Heaven On Earth."…


It was sunny and mild all day right into pregame stretching by the Cardinals, and now it’s jacket weather at gametime….


Here is a pic that will show how you can leave the Motor City and still find some things in common between the ballparks. There are no pickup trucks as there are high atop the center-field wall at Comerica Park, but this Ford Plaza is just behind the seats beyond right-center field at new Busch…


It is the 17th World Series to come to St. Louis, as the giant sign outside Busch reminds visitors. The only question now is whether the Cardinals can end their longest drought of world championships in club history, dating back to 1982…


One of the new traditions to greet a new postseason setting has been the sound of motorists honking whenever they pass right by new Busch. The stadium was built hard against I-40, and you can almost reach out and touch the vehicles as they zoom past. Often they leave a honk of support here in Redbird Nation…


Below is the first World Series pitch for a new ballpark. Game 3 is under way after a day or two in which "Smudge & Pudge" filled the sports-talk radio airwaves here in St. Louis. It’s back to business, and back to a new setting. It’s a beautiful night at Busch, more to come…




    Did I really just see a commercial for Chevy trucks in Spanish only? What has happened that I can live in the US and see a commercial that is not in our language? MLB, FOX, Chevy…be very careful where you tread.

  2. Zack

    I loved the Chevy commercial. Hooray for diversity! It made me wish I’d paid better attention in all those Spanish classes.


    Those are beautiful photos. I especially like the one of all the fans entering the ballpark.

    Glad the focus has shifted from DirtGate back to what really matters.

    Looking forward to your next entry.

    -The Baseball Collector

  3. World

    Matt/Zack, credit my colleague Benny P for that great entering-the-park shot. He had plenty more beautiful shots in our pregame gallery yesterday at Mine pale in comparison to them, just trying to be one with the people of the blogosphere right here…


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