Game 2 Pregame


You can see how bundled up Tiger fans are for Game 2 of the World Series tonight, and the one right in front is Jocelyn Benson of Detroit. She’s 29 today, and a little rain and cold isn’t going to ruin her party. Benson, calling it an "extra special birthday," is a season ticket holder at Comerica and I asked her what her best memory of this dream season is so far.

Img_0834"Seventh inning of the clincher over the Yankees. Cano hit one to Granderson to end the seventh inning, and he caught it and then threw it to me." Showing the ball, she then said, "I’m hoping he’ll come out and sign it for me now."

Benson has this memory of that unforgettable American League Division Series celebration scene here: "It was a release of energy we had bottled up all season, of winning the division and never getting to celebrate that one."

The scene here tonight is very much like last night, only with extra layers of clothing such as those on this man to the right. You have to dress a little like a viking tonight. All signs point to Game 2 as scheduled and a lot of gritting teeth out on the field as 15- to 25-mph winds and temps in the 30s will have a classic Upper Midwest late October feel. The bottom line is just getting it played. It will be interesting to see what effect the conditions have on red-hot lefty Kenny Rogers, facing a heavy righty lineup on a night when wind is already blowing out hard to left field.


Those folks are ready for everything tonight. What  makes Comerica Park so incredible is the openness — you can see the action practically from anywhere here, even from outside the gates. And that same openness also makes the wind just cut through the concourse and these concession stands. At least they have a warm fire in front of them for the brats.

Here’s Jeanne Zelasko staying dry under the FOX tent and ready to get the mic on at 6:30 p.m. ET …


Fortunately this moved through just as predicted, leaving only cold and wind…

This is John Deere country …


Nothing can keep Tiger fans away from the souvenir shops at Comerica. The lines here are incredible. Here’s the best advice: The Shop. Get all your World Series gear right there from the comfort of your home computer in your cushy chair. Or bundle up and stand in line and say you were here for the World Series …


Here are the particulars on tonight’s musical performers, for those of you watching it on FOX:

FIRST PITCH: Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson, who guided the Tigers to their 1984 World Series win over San Diego. STAR SPANGLED BANNER: Multiple Grammy winner and legendary singer and songwriter Anita Baker. GOD BLESS AMERICA: American Idol alumnus and former Marine Josh Gracin will perform "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch. Born and raised in Westland, Mich., about 30 minutes west of Detroit, Gracin?s self-titled debut was certified Gold by the RIAA, and included the No. 1 smash "Nothin? To Lose."

It will be cold, windy, a little rainy and maybe a little snowy. But it will be Game 2. The lineups:

St. Louis
Eckstein 4
Spiezio DH
Pujols 3
Rolen 5
Encarnacion 9
Edmonds 8
Wilson 7
Molina 2
Miles 4
(Weaver pitching)

Granderson 8
Monroe 7
Polanco 4
Ordonez 9
Guillen 3
Rodriguez 2
Casey DH
Inge 5
Santiago 6
(Rogers pitching)



    I hope someone looks into the unknown substance that was on Kenny Rogers hand. In fact, later on in the game we noticed a similar unknown substance on his hat that Rogers would often rub his hand over between almost every pitch. This is after the unknown substance was washed off early in the game. I hope someone looks into this.


    Tigers will win tonight, it’s for sure. With Jeremy pitching, he’s the best starter we have next to Kenny. Hope you aren’t too dissapointed when we kick your butts! Gooo Tigers!

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