Game 4 Rained Out


ST. LOUIS, 9:21 p.m. CT — The news was just given to us here at Busch Stadium: The fourth rainout of the postseason. Those who had tickets to tonight’s game have to wait to use them on Friday night. Those who have "Game 5 tickets" will be able to use those on Thursday for what will now be Game 4 — assuming, of course, that there is a game Thursday night.

Jimmie Lee Solomon of MLB just said that the front "stalled" and "it became apparent that we couldn’t get it started." As for the next two days, he said "they’re gonna be dicey. Tomorow there is a 70 percent chance of rain — it’s going to be light rain. We don’t know whether that rain will linger like it did tonight. We hope it will move straight through." He said Friday’s forecast is bad as well, with a possible soaking. This is going to be an adventure the next couple of days.

Fans have been packed tightly in the concourses and some fans are out under umbrellas here at Busch Stadium as everyone continued waiting for word on whether tonight’s Game 4 would be played. Obviously they did everything humanly possible to give this one a chance to be played, because Thursday night looks really bad as well. Someone just asked if there has ever been a World Series doubleheader. The answer is no, and perhaps not a bad idea (day/night) the way things are looking. This storm is very slow-moving, just hanging over the Arch and us here by the Mississippi River, steady rain that goes back and forth between drizzle and downpour. In the end, it was just hanging around too much tonight. It’s raining now, and that means we’ll try to play Game 4 Thursday night…keep your fingers crossed.

This is all amazing. I have been through all four rainouts this season. The first one was Game 2 at Yankee Stadium between the Yanks and Tigers — a situation similar to what we’ve just seen here tonight. The second was the scheduled opener of the NLCS at Shea Stadium between the Cards and Mets, and the third was here in St. Louis when that NLCS shifted there. I have this raincloud stuck over my head throughout this month. Are you kidding me? And it was a miracle that we snuck a major storm system in between Games 1 and 2 last weekend in Detroit. Mother Nature hates MLB this month.

For more info on the rainout, keep an eye on




    Good thing! Leyland needs a day to restore the confidence of the mid-relief pitching staff. Without these guys it?s all over. In game 3 the best mid-relief in the game, namely Zumaya (who should be the closer) and Rodney, had their confidence finally destroyed. You could see it in their eyes. Unless Leyland changes his approach with these mentioned, simply being ?close? will have to be good enough for him.

  2. Murray

    How about the rain! Good for the grass…not so good for the game. Give me hard rain any day over a drizzle because that keeps the turf wet and slippery. Billy F. the head groundskeeper has his work cut out for him again tonight. Steady drizzle is what the meteoroligists are telling me. Where’s the roof when you need one? Good Luck getting it in!


    You’ve got some good pics again, especially the previous entry. The new Busch stadium looks good even in the rain. I’m anxious for baseball to pick up again, but not if it puts the players in harm’s way. I remember a Cards vs. Cubs game in Chicago in 2003 when we played on a windy wet day and Eli Marrero severly injured his leg/ankle due to the wet conditions. I’d rather wait for a dry day than see a player for either team end his WS experience with an injury. The new Busch is supposed to have a good drainage system, so hopefully no worries if we play.

  4. Zack

    I haaaaate rainouts, but there really IS something magical about being in a damp, tarp-covered ballpark.

    -The Baseball Collector


    I wish they would play in the rain. Is baseball the only sport where they suspend for rain? I know football and soccer and even Formula One racing is not delayed. Nascar is delayed but Indy Car isn’t. Tim,

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