Game 6, In-Game

Two in-game questions:

(1) Would you have batted our fellow MLBlogger John Rodriguez or switch-hitter/postseason RISP master Scott Spiezio against Fernando Rodney in the bottom of the sixth? That one was already being second-guessed by many fans on the concourse after the inning. Tony La Russa could have double-switched and put the pitcher in Preston Wilson’s 6 spot in the order and Spiezio at 9, giving him the possibility of thus batting in the sixth and perhaps ninth. Or was it the right move, saving Spiezio for later? It needed to be a lefty, so I don’t think Ronnie Belliard would have been the right choice there even though the second baseman (Aaron Miles) had just batted and a natural double-switch. Either way, those were two giant strikeouts by Rodney to end that inning.

(2) When do you pitch Chris Carpenter if the series goes back to Detroit? If it goes back with a 3-2 Tigers lead, it seems logical to pitch him against Kenny Rogers on three days’ rest (only 82 pitches last outing) because you don’t risk leaving your ace in the hole in the World Series. If the Cards go there ahead after five, I’d start Anthony Reyes in Game 6 (Jeff Weaver is pitching Game 5) and then Carpenter is available if there’s a Game 7. That one seems like a no-brainer. . . .

By the way, the weather doesn’t look horrible in Detroit this weekend. The Weather Channel is calling for some showers, but not seeing the snowshowers in the forecast that people had been talking about earlier. And everyone here is hoping that forecast holds up for Friday, with that all-night/day soaker moving out of St. Louis around 5 or 6 p.m. ET. If that storm system slows down during the day, there certaily would be some jeopardy for Game 5.


  1. Matt

    1) Dont know.

    2) Agree. You pitch Carpenter in Card’s first elimination game.

    3)Not sure if Edmonds can bunt much, but I thought he should have sacrificed in the seventh with no out and runners on first & second – especially aginst a K pitcher like Rodney. I’d give up an out to get 2nd and third in the seventh inning at home in a tie game after the pitcher threw the last bunt into right field. I guess he doesnt know how to bunt. Pity

    Tense game.


    The Cardinals cant take this series. The Tigers pitching is superior to the Cardinals.
    Tigers will win in 5

  3. World

    re (3), you definitely weren’t alone in that view. At this point you probably have to force the DET pitchers to show they can hit a different glove besides the big round one.

  4. World

    Memo to rogerallenetc: Look at the series score my friend. The Tigers could only win the series in five if we suddenly change the rules to make it a best-of-five like the Division Series. But thanks for reading!


    1) I would’ve batted Spiezio
    2) I don’t believe we will see a game 6 now that LaRussa got Eckstein a doctored bat. Wow! Eckstein reaching the warning track, three doubles. Has to raise some eyebrows. Does anyone have an X-ray machine? No matter, I’m sure LaRussa has the bat nicely tucked away with a stand-in bat just in case someone questions him.


    What do you think they paid for the doctored Eckstein bat?
    Maybe since LaRussa and Leyland are friends LaRussa can get Jim a few of those bats. Then Santiago hits 30 plus homers per season.

  7. Matt


    Eckstein’s line drives raised my eyebrows too, but his compact, contact swing is tailor made to drive the ball against flamethrowers who essentially provide their power for him. For example, Eck has a homer in 3 lifetime ABs against Josh Beckett. He’s remarkably only faced Billy Wagner once in his entire career – and hit a home run. Before tonight, Eck was 4 for 10 lifetime v Bonderman, with a double. Eck’s obviously no slugger, but his surge isnt as out of the blue as some might suspect.

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