Game 1, Third Inning


There are only a couple of people riding this in the Big Cat area of Comerica Park right now for obvious reasons. If you want to see what Standing Room Only really means, here’s a Powervid that shows how ushers are allowing fans to pack tightly against the wall of the main walkthrough from pole to pole behind the box seats:

This gentleman on the left participated in the pregame unfurling of an
outfield-sized American flag, and now he’s doing what countless others
here are: Just trying to find a spot to see the action and record some


This fan loves to read Nate Robertson’s Gum Time MLBlog…


This is baseball …



Look at those Cardinals “fly away with the Game” You gotta love it!!!

Did you spot Nuge yet?

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

Great pix from the ballpark — thanks. What an awesome start. GO CARDS!!!!

“Bartender – Give me one of those hot dog things there on your left – the ones on the right need some serious spray on bronzing.”




That standing room only area looked like it was THE prime spot for foul balls. Ohhh, how I wish I was there…

-The Baseball Collector

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